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know: muichic

muichic (moo.e.sheek) is sustainable and organic jewelry designed in Vermont and ethically handmade in Colombia. Using the Tagua seed as our raw material, we believe in fun, natural fashion, blending design with eco-consciousness. Fair trade, unique, bold & playful jewelry…finally!

Our Story

muichic was launched by an architect and designer from Bogotá who found inspiration when he stumbled upon this amazing raw material called “Tagua” during a holiday in Colombia. The sheer beauty and versatility of this seed drove him to connect the dots between green lifestyle and chic product design.

Our People

At the forefront, muichic is a people-powered company, so it only makes sense that we value the health and livelihoods of our crafters. Since we have a deep appreciation and respect for our artisans in Colombia, we wanted to ensure that their wellbeing is backed up by our membership with the Fair Trade Federation. The FTF emphasizes nine principles, ranging from opportunities for producers, including fair and prompt pay, to safe and empowering working conditions. For muichic, this means that our skilled artisans (most of them women who are head of their families) work under safe, healthy and humane labor conditions earning fair wages approved by Colombia’s department of labor.

Unique accessories that are environmentally friendly & gracefully chic make up our natural bijoux collection...bold, playful & colorful goodness for your body.